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New Part B News article with Chris Johnson

In an article titled 2 tips to prepare with vendors, insurers in case your practice’s EHR goes down by Roy Edroso from the April 27, 2015 issue of Part B News (Vol. 29, Issue. 17) our CEO Chris Johnson is quoted:
Naturally it’s good to get assurance from your EHR vendor that it will step up if you have an outage, but vendors

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CEO Chris Johnson Quoted in Part B News

In an article about Meaningful Use by Roy Edroso from the March 30, 2015 issue of Part B News (Vol. 29, Issue. 13) our CEO Chris Johnson is quoted:
In describing EPs’ security risk assessment requirements under stage 3, CMS emphasizes that difference several times. For example, the rule states that “the requirement of this proposed measure is narrower than what

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10 healthcare resources for the busy medical practice

Keeping up with the latest news, events, best practices, and regulations can be a daunting task. Thankfully the Physician Advisory Board over at PhysiciansPractice.com has put together a recommended list of must-read healthcare resources for the busy physicians and medical practice staff out there to gain a slight edge in keeping up with the challenge.

The following list is aimed at

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CompTIA Post: Training Can Help Veterans Transition

With the celebration of Veteran’s Day yesterday, the CompTIA blog had a great post by Michelle Peterson:
Internships and Hands-On Training Can Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Roles
Service members endure large-scale changes to leadership, mission and operational tempo at frequency beyond what happens in the civilian sector, according to Victor Johnston, owner of Johnston IT Consulting L.L.C. (JIT). Johnston, a four-year veteran

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Chris Johnson Speaking at IT Nation


Our CEO Chris Johnson will be speaking in 2 Breakout sessions this week at IT Nation.

If you are there make sure to check it out!

Round 4: Service and Product Catalog – Essentials
Round 8: Tips and Tricks


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