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Are you looking for help with technology or compliance?

How about improving patient care and your staff’s experience?

As a healthcare provider, your primary concern should be your patients, not your technology. With the help of Untangled Solutions you can get back to your patients while we meet your technology needs. We provide your practice with a full range of IT services and compliance solutions.

 You have a lot on your plate, without the added difficulty of managing a complex and mission-critical medical IT infrastructure.

How often should you replace your computers? Is your wireless secure? Should you let the staff use their cell phones on the office wireless network? How much should you be spending on phones? Can you trust your computer backups? What happens if there’s an outage of Internet or power? And how does all of this tie in with HIPAA compliance?

Let us help you create a budget so that your practice can dictate IT expenses instead of your technology deciding for you.

Managing the privacy and security of the protected health information in your practice is no longer an option. Also, it is no longer only for large providers as the names are no longer hidden behind a “Private Practice” label.  The Health and Human Services now publishes the names of private practice providers involved in breaches of unsecured patient data.

With cybercriminals now targeting smaller organizations for monetary gain, the growing possibility of a HIPAA audit by the OCR, and the ever present chance of human error by your staff, now is the right time to develop a blueprint to get compliant and stay compliant.

But where do you begin?

Find out how our healthcare technology solutions can increase efficiency at your healthcare practice.

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