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7 Ways to Improve EHR Etiquette

Many doctors rightly fear that placing a computer in the exam room can cause frustrations on both sides of the patient interaction. With this in mind, the medical software review site Software Advice conducted a survey on how to better this experience. The following seven EHR tips are the top entries received on how to improve the doctor-patient relationship:

1. Position your computer between you and the patient: No brainer here. Face the patient during interactions. Take the time to plan where your equipment will go so that this possible.

2. Invest in mobility: Whether it’s a small rolling desk, small tablets or other lightweight tools, choose equipment that helps you move around. A laptop may cost an extra buck but can be worth the investment.

3. Delegate as much as possible: The objective is to interact with the patient as much as possible. Have staff members enter the medical history, medications, prior procedures, etc. prior to the patient’s visit so you don’t have to during the appointment.

4. Dictate as much as possible:  Talk with the patient while scribes enter the information or use dictation software. These allow you to focus more on the patient.

5. Ignore the computer when you first enter the room: Chat with your patient for a few minute before you start recording information in the digital record.

6. Ask about previous complaints: If the patient information is pre-loaded, look over it  before entering the room. If they have open complaints, ask them about the issues to close them out in the emr. This reaffirms to the patient that you care.

7. Finish the chart in the room:  This can help to answer any other questions that might come up so patients feel like they have been listened to.

EMRs take some getting used to. Once a physician develops a rhythm with the software, every patient interaction becomes easier. Practice makes perfect.

Take the survey yourself: http://software-advice.polldaddy.com/s/talk-to-patient-not-computer

Tips from: http://profitable-practice.softwareadvice.com/7-ways-to-maintain-patient-interaction-ehr-0113/

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