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Handling The “Simple” Things

If you’ve been tasked with fixing the office computers, or charged with finding somebody to do so, you have probably heard of “AV and patch management”.

What is it and why should you care?

How many times have you run into this scenario? You come into work in the morning, ready to

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Security moves away from passwords

Increases in cyber crimes and the number of accounts staff need to log into has brought about the need to upgrade traditional password security. In the past, the trend was to ask staff to update their password every 90 days with a new eight character long collection of numbers, symbols, lowercase

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Things even encryption can’t save you from

In a recent paper sponsored by Intel and Samsung, the author describes the importance of using encryption in your business and especially with your mobile staff. The focus of the paper was to support the push to full disk encryption (I assume as opposed to file based) and how it

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Client Featured in The Wall Street Journal

An Untangled Solutions’ adviser and client, Dr. Peter Polack, is featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article discussing the newest thorn in doctors’ sides: the sharp rise in patient phone calls. The article discusses the 25-50% increase in phone calls since 2008 and how this non-reimbursed time is estimated

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7 Ways to Improve EHR Etiquette

Many doctors rightly fear that placing a computer in the exam room can cause frustrations on both sides of the patient interaction. With this in mind, the medical software review site Software Advice conducted a survey on how to better this experience. The following seven EHR tips are the top entries

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Top 10 HIPAA Breaches of 2012

From PhysiciansPractice.com:
HealthcareIT News recently published the top 10 HIPAA breaches of 2012. There are several things about this list that are striking:

1. The total number of records involved in the top 10 breaches was around 2 million records.

2. The organizations spanned the entire spectrum of healthcare, from hospitals, home healthcare, healthcare

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