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CompTIA Post: Training Can Help Veterans Transition

With the celebration of Veteran’s Day yesterday, the CompTIA blog had a great post by Michelle Peterson:

Internships and Hands-On Training Can Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Roles

Service members endure large-scale changes to leadership, mission and operational tempo at frequency beyond what happens in the civilian sector, according to Victor Johnston, owner of Johnston IT Consulting L.L.C. (JIT). Johnston, a four-year veteran of the U.S. Army, said the skills veterans bring mean flexibility and scalability for the organization that hires them.

“Veterans are extremely resilient in large-scale and overly frequent changes because of this extended exposure and requirement to adapt to said changes,” Johnston said. “They are also adept at operating under a ‘limited information’ project — when a project needs to be completed and very little information is available, veterans are still able to start working on the things they know will be unlikely to change while leadership makes a decision on the rest of the project.”

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