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Good Cloud, Bad Cloud: 5 Ways You Can Distinguish Your Services Practice

20130925_Good-Bad_Cloud_Panel_v2In the last few years the term ‘Cloud’ has been bandied about in so many ways that it can be difficult to pin down exactly what it means.  What is the difference between a Public and a Private Cloud?  How can this affect your business?  Even the entry in Wikipedia is vague in its definition.

Yesterday our CEO Chris Johnson participated in a panel called Good Cloud, Bad Cloud: 5 Ways You Can Distinguish Your Services Practice, hosted by Charles Weaver of MSP Alliance.  He was joined by Neal Bradbury and Steve Lilley of Intronis, and they discussed many of the issues that your company should consider when evaluating the use of a Cloud-based service.

You can listen to an archive of the Webcast online at:

Here is a summary of what they discussed:

Public cloud vendors are taking a beating. Accusations of government surveillance, unplanned outages, and other highly embarrassing revelations have been the talk of major media groups all around the world. Yet, these public cloud vendors do not represent the vast majority of managed service providers (including cloud) who strive each day to secure their customers’ data and privacy needs.

Join a panel of experts who will explore ways to educate, market, and sell backup and other cloud-based solutions in private cloud environments. During this online event, you will learn how to:

  • Educate your customer on the difference between your services and public cloud!
  • Understand the existing and pending regulations affecting data storage
  • Understand the true value of your technology partners
  • Make sure your sales and marketing teams are properly trained on data regulations
  • Have proper audit and transparency documentation for highly regulated customers

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