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Handling The “Simple” Things

Compute Support Steps

If you’ve been tasked with fixing the office computers, or charged with finding somebody to do so, you have probably heard of “AV and patch management”.

What is it and why should you care?

How many times have you run into this scenario? You come into work in the morning, ready to hit the ground running, flip on your computer, and a popup window greets you asking to update your computer. Of course you have things to do, so you click the “ask me later” option and continue along your busy day.

Coming back from lunch you jump on the stack of emails that built up while you inhaled your food. As you blow through the first couple, that damn popup again! The “later” button gets smashed with several mouse clicks.

Finally the end of the day arrives and you power down your computer to go chase that work/life balance you’ve heard of. First thing next morning you start your routine of turning on your machine in hopes of a low double-digit unread email count, but instead your new friend the pop-up window is again there.

This time it’s not asking politely to accept it, instead it demands.

Now you must wait as it downloads and installs an irritating number of updates. All you can do is sit there and watch the paint dry, as your peers come by your desk asking why you’re not online yet. “Why me?” you ask yourself.

I’ll tell you why.

Like most complex systems, be they cars, planes, or personal relationships, computers need maintenance. If you let the simple things go unmanaged you’ll end up on the side of the road, sending flowers, or watching a screen of “downloading updates” in agony.

The simple things in this case are system updates, security patches, and anti-virus management. You shouldn’t need to worry about these things to get your job done, but if left unhandled they will prevent you from doing anything else.  And could create security risks. By now this is low hanging fruit for any technology management team. Did you get a pop-up to update Java? That’s a red flag that other things could be getting missed.

Your IT should be taking care of all these things in the background preferably after-hours so you never have to worry or notice that the work is being performed on your computer. With managed services we make sure our clients are never interrupted by the simple things while they focus on their work: Wheelhouse IT currently manages several thousand computers around the US. If you’d like to setup a time to discuss your current issues and see how we could assist feel free to reach out to me at (323) 977-6400 or email me at Joshua.Smith@wheelhouseit.com

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