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We can help your medical practice plan, set up, and maintain technology for your offices, at a pace at which you feel comfortable. We offer advice and setup help with seemingly overwhelming things like EMR systems, phone triage software, and HIPAA compliance; and with more basic things like phone systems, hardware, and network setup. With our help, you can introduce new technology without fear of problems or patient inconvenience.

Our process revolves around 5 steps:

  1. CONSULT – We meet with and interview you to create a profile of key factors that affect the office’s operation.
  2. SCAN – We collect details about how the practice operates, and take inventory of your system.
  3. PLAN – We use the information we collected in steps 1 & 2 to create a plan of action that details the technical, team, and financial requirements we need. It also includes costs and timing for implementation, training and support.
  4. ACTION – We rework our plan based on feedback. The finished plan guides the integration of people, processes and technology.
  5. WELLNESS – We make your practice’s overall health an important goal by ensuring they have ongoing support for any issues that may arise. We will monitor the system’s performance and integrate any feedback.
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