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New Part B News article with Chris Johnson


In an article titled 2 tips to prepare with vendors, insurers in case your practice’s EHR goes down by Roy Edroso from the April 27, 2015 issue of Part B News (Vol. 29, Issue. 17) our CEO Chris Johnson is quoted:

Naturally it’s good to get assurance from your EHR vendor that it will step up if you have an outage, but vendors tend to limit their exposure in these cases, says Chris Johnson, technology strategist for Untangled Solutions in Los Angeles. “Ultimately it’s the provider’s responsibility, no matter what people say.”

Some third-party health IT companies will take some responsibility for your EHR’s connectivity and performance, but that responsibility will be limited too, says Johnson.

2 steps to be ready in case of outages

Have a contingency plan. Answer questions such as “how many days can we handle paper records before the burden becomes too great?” Johnson says. “Frankly, I think a full day’s pushing it and for some practices, even a few hours is a big deal,” he says. Use this to develop a protocol for when an outage hits. It will help you devote resources and alter work schedules appropriately, says Johnson. For example, set a time limit for how long your system has the glitch before you determine it’s a potential outage, and have instructions ready for your on-call IT person.

Consult your insurer. Your agreement with your EHR vendor can only cover so much, but your insurance company may be able to fill the gaps, says Johnson. Errors and omissions insurance policies — sometimes called “E&O” or professional liability policies — can be written to cover the fallout from an EHR crash.

“When we consult with a practice, in the discovery phase we put them with an insurance specialist, who looks at their policies to find overlaps and gaps,” says Johnson.

You can read the full article here:

Or if you already have a subscription to Part B News here is the link to their PDF:


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