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What Is HIPAA Compliance? If You Have A Business, You Should Know

What is HIPAA compliance? Having a thorough understanding of HIPAA compliance is imperative for anyone working in the healthcare sector. This factor is especially important as technology evolves, and more affected organizations utilize innovative tools like mobile devices and Health Information Exchanges.
But What is HIPAA Compliance?
As this article explains, HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for

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Wheelhouse IT receives the 2016 Continuum Content Champion Award

Toward the end of last week, at Continuum’s Navigate 2016 event, our own Charles J. Love accepted the Continuum Content Champion Award for several comprehensive and insightful articles he wrote for their MSPblog this year.  This award is presented to the partner who has been an active content contributor, by contributing consistent and valuable content to Continuum’s MSPblog and social

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Untangled Solutions is now a part of the Wheelhouse IT Family

A Letter from Chris Johnson (CEO) and Joshua Smith (President) to all of our clients.


As the owners of Untangled Solutions, we are pleased to announce that Untangled Solutions, LLC and Wheelhouse IT have officially joined forces and become one company. We are excited about the opportunities to accelerate our leadership in the delivery of IT managed services and consulting to

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Think before you click, its a scary world on the internet

There is a common misconception that everything nasty out there is a virus, and that is not true.  When it comes to a virus, they usually just mess with things and cause trouble.  To be honest, it’s been years since I have had to help a customer remove a virus from their computer.

These days it’s all about malware, encryption and data

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Threat Alert: Trojan sent via email in a .zip file

We received this alert from Calyptix Security, and wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this new threat.  The malicious program is coming through via email that look legitimate with an attached .zip file.

As always, use caution when opening attachments, even if they appear to be from somebody you know.

Here is a copy of the alert:
Calyptix Support has noticed

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