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Client Featured in The Wall Street Journal

An Untangled Solutions’ adviser and client, Dr. Peter Polack, is featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article discussing the newest thorn in doctors’ sides: the sharp rise in patient phone calls. The article discusses the 25-50% increase in phone calls since 2008 and how this non-reimbursed time is estimated to cost practices $15-20 for each call along with prescription

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We can help your medical practice plan, set up, and maintain technology for your offices, at a pace at which you feel comfortable. We offer advice and setup help with seemingly overwhelming things like EMR systems, phone triage software, and HIPAA compliance; and with more basic things like phone systems, hardware, and network setup. With our help, you can introduce

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Study finds old technology raises costs, lowers efficiency

A new study from the Ponemon Institute shows obsolete systems cost U.S. hospitals $8.3 billion total each year. In addition, it finds an average waste of 45 minutes each day of physicians’ time due to inefficient communication systems. While budget might seem to be solely to blame, it is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations that are

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