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Study finds old technology raises costs, lowers efficiency

A new study from the Ponemon Institute shows obsolete systems cost U.S. hospitals $8.3 billion total each year. In addition, it finds an average waste of 45 minutes each day of physicians’ time due to inefficient communication systems. While budget might seem to be solely to blame, it is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations that are also cited as reasons for this lack of progress. From the article: “(HIPAA) often causes them to install rigid security policies that aren’t necessarily prescribed by the law. Hospitals typically have more flexibility than they realize, but they act with caution to avoid potential penalties for breaches.” Having a better understanding of the ways technology can be used to increase communication internally and with patients is a key to overcoming the issue.

Read the full article here: http://searchhealthit.techtarget.com/news/2240183558/Obsolete-technology-hits-efficiency-raises-costs

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