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Top 10 IT fixes to secure HIPAA compliance and avoid costly penalties

Easy actions you can take to protect your practice from breaches

2015-05-18 Chris Webinar sideThe security problems that all IT systems experience are even more dangerous for health care providers, who are subject to heavy fines if their systems inadvertently expose patient data. But most practices don’t have the IT-savvy to keep up with their HIPAA tech needs. In fact, one provider was recently fined $150,000 because their computers were HIPAA-breached by malware.

What can you do to protect your practice from HIPAA breaches and the costly penalties that result from them?

Sign up for this 60-minute training session today to get the top 10 actions even non-IT staff can take right now to protect your practice and bolster your IT security.

Tune in Tuesday, June 2, to safeguard your practice with tips that will help you:

  • Manage permissions, certificates and other IT administrative hassles to avoid HIPAA audits
  • Keep viruses and hackers out of your system to protect your patient data
  • Handle BYOD (bring your own devices) and transient technology that are harder to control
  • Properly document IT/HIPAA management for your security risk assessment
  • Train your staff to ensure follow-through on data security policies

Data security and HIPAA compliance are too important to address haphazardly. And HIPAA audits are happening all the time. Take the necessary action today to learn the top tips you can implement immediately to save your practice from costly penalties and compliance headaches.

Registration details:  http://decisionhealth.com/conferences/A2586/register.html

Original page:  http://decisionhealth.com/conferences/A2586/

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