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Healthcare Compliance Management

Compliance Management Solution


Now that the OMNIBUS rule is in effect, it is time to lay out your roadmap for getting, and staying, compliant as the government steps up their audits of small and medium sized medical practices. Once you have a trusted team managing your technology, reviewing the management of your security practices is next. With the guidance of Untangled Solutions’ HIPAA compliance team you will be able to maintain your quality of service with patients while we work with you to implement compliance.

The process to become compliant can be challenging, so we developed a comprehensive software and web-based solution called  the Evergreen program.  It has been in development since 2010 and is based on HIPAA consulting practice processes. This program addresses any organization’s needs to comply with the complex healthcare (HIPAA & HITECH), financial, government, and state regulations.

“If you have not prepared or retained your Meaningful Use documentation, I recommend you prepare those binders and shared folders now. You’ll be thankful when the auditors arrive.” — John Halamka, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Source: Healthcare IT News Blog

The Evergreen program is a flexible and cost-effective solution that a covered entity or business associate can quickly assimilate into an existing business process. This program was designed by auditors along with privacy and security officers and is the only complete compliance solution your organization needs. With its advanced core, and features, your company can attack the day-to-day compliance effort with both confidence and ease.

Our team will assist you in addressing the challenges of HIPAA compliance and eliminate the misinformation that compliance is expensive and complicated. The Evergreen Program is your solution to addresses the needs of HIPAA compliance as well as Risk Assessments for HITECH meaningful use core measure 15.

The Evergreen Program & Enterprise Solution

Our Evergreen software allows you to self-audit and is perfect for organizations of all sizes and levels of compliance expertise. Utilize our Evergreen software to audit you and your business associates. The Evergreen software will identify gaps, provide remediation, and has tracking tools for you to utilize.

Untangled Solutions would enjoy the opportunity of supporting you. If you have any questions please feel free to call or contact our team.

Evergreen - Discover

Simple roles-based questionnaires of Yes/No or Not Applicable for Covered Entities and Business Associates

Evergreen - Identify

Gaps and Remediation Identification and Monitoring

Evergreen - Resolve

Task assignment and Completion tracking

Evergreen - Prove

Reporting tool provides documentation for attestation and due diligence avoiding possible fines

Evergreen - Monitor

1 year access to The Evergreen HIPAA compliance Tracking Solution

Evergreen - Support

1 year access to the HIPAA Hotline for ongoing questions or concerns