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Healthcare IT Management


Healthcare IT Management

Technology Management & Leadership

What is Technology Management?
Handling the day to day issues and challenges of a modern healthcare office can be a full-time job. When trouble arises with a computer, printer, phone, Internet or wireless, who is responsible for fixing the problem? Your practice manager? The practice owner? Your front desk? You?

Having non-technical staff work on technical issues costs your practice time and money:

It interrupts time your staff could spend performing their actual job.

It prolongs the length of time the office spends waiting for a possible solution.

It is money that can’t be billed, and patients have to be rescheduled.


Instead of a “hope and pray” approach to your IT needs, you can have a full team monitoring and managing your office 24/7 for less than half the cost of an in-house dedicated staff member.

Let us give you back control of your office technology to reduce the risk and elevate the efficiency of your medical practice.

No one buys a computer to work more slowly. Neither should you.


What is Technology Leadership?
How often should you replace your computers? Is your wireless network secure? Should you let the staff use their smartphones and tablets on the office wireless network? How much should you be spending on phones? Can you trust your computer backups? What happens if there’s an outage of Internet or power? And how does all of this tie in with HIPAA compliance?

Technology leadership is the role that looks to these questions (and others) so that you can review, plan, and execute solutions that answer these needs.

Leadership needs to be both short term and long term focused so that you can know what you have today, but also what you will need tomorrow.

Stop getting surprised with emergency costs and unplanned purchases. Let us help you create a budget and plan purchases at least 90 days in advance so that your practice can dictate IT expenses instead of your technology deciding for you.

Your car warns you when there is something wrong with your engine. Wouldn't you like the same for your computers? With our proactive monitoring of your networks, WiFi, firewalls, workstations, and servers we will alert you if there are potential issues and work with you to fix them before something happens.

Whether you are implementing a new tablet based sign-in solution for your patients, or working with an EHR solution provider, we will be there for you to help get everything talking to each other.

When an issue does arise, there are many ways to let us know. Send an email, create a ticket via our web portal, call in and talk with our staff, or start a chat session. From there we will take a look at the issue and start working on a resolution, keeping you in the loop the entire time.

Your phones are the primary point of contact between your practice and your patients. We provide scaleable phone solutions to meet your needs, no matter what size your office is.

Protecting your staff and your company from spam is even more important these days with the increase of the possible threats. We provide compliant email solutions with built-in spam, anti-virus scanning, archival, and encryption of emails coming into and out of your office.

Sending somebody a file via email, DropBox, or Google Drive is not secure. We provide a secure service which is easy to use and provides a way to safely share files with people. The recipient will receive a secure link via email which they can use to download the file you have shared with them.

Can you recover a lost patient record or accounting file? What is your plan for when (not if) you experience downtime due to computer failure or a power outage? How quickly could you recover from a fire or flood?